Geomancy is the main form of ‘magic’ in Dawn of a Red Sun. It’s existence is a closely guarded secret, but rumors of supernatural effects and those that can control them abound. Even among would be scholars of the occult and mysterious little of substance is known.

Alistair has discovered some basic information thanks to Father Black.

There are two types of Geomancers, Paragons and Lapidaries. Paragons draw their power from an innate connection to a mythical creature while Lapidaries tap into the stored power of Gemstones.

Game Mechanics

Playing a Paragon is an extra that requires an aspect related to your Geomancy and one refresh. You can then purchase the Ars skill like any other. Ars is used to summon and control Geomantic forces.

You can use Ars to attack, create an advantage or overcome:

  • Ars can be used to Attack by causing a short burst or shift of the force. (Sudden flames, fracture in the ground and so on).
  • Ars can be used to Overcome existing forces. For example: fanning/dampening flames, withering or shaping plant life.
  • Ars can be used to Create an Advantage by summoning or altering a force to create an advantage such as “Heavy Fog”, “Panicked Crowd” or “Fevered Delusions”

However, no Geomancer can control such power perfectly. Sometimes, the power takes on a life of it’s own, creating a Telluric Advantage. Once created a Telluric Advantage begins to act beyond the Geomancer’s intent. A fire may spread far and wide, a panicked crowd may turn into a lynch mob. The aspect takes on some aspects of a character, at a minimum stress and a skill that it uses to spread/increase in power. Particurlarly strong Telluric Advantages can even have consequences and additional aspects.

Telluric Advantages are created in the following ways:

  • Any use of Ars that results in Success with Style causes it’s intended effect and additionally creates a Telluric Advantage.
  • Choosing to succeed with a Serious Cost on an Overcome action creates a Telluric Advantage in addition to the success on the overcome action.
  • When you fail on a Create an Advantage action instead of the normal choice of failing or creating an advantage that someone else benefits you can choose to fail or to create a Telluric Advantage that is similar, but not the same to the one you were trying for.


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