Tag: Dresden


  • A Mission of Mercy

    [[:piotr-novak]] receives a tip about a [[Dresden Internment Camp|secret Nazi internment camp]] near [[Dresden]] that has been taken over and hushed up by the Soviets. It appears that the prisoners haven't been released and the Soviets have no intention …

  • A Mission of Mercy (part 2)

    As our heroes escape into the night with almost all of the prisoners from the [[Dresden Internment Camp]], the sound of the prison claxons sounding into the night an uneasy feeling begins to set over them. Just a moment later the claxons cut out and they …

  • Anatoly Kozar

    Anatoly is in the newly appointed chief of security for the [[Dresden Internment Camp]]. He comes from a peasant family and is rumored to have been an undercover agent during the War.