Edouard Leger

Philippe's straight-laced father. In life, he disapproved of his son's unseemly lifestyle.


Edouard had always been a very strict father to Philippe and his brothers, always trying to instill upon his sons the value of hard work, and proper behavior in polite society. He and Philippe always had a strained relationship, Edouard always disapproving of his son’s irreverent attitude and habit of getting into mischief.

When the Germans invaded his country for the second time in his lifetime, Edouard was too old to again take up arms to defend plucky little Belgium, but he looked on with pride as his sons Guy and Henri enlisted for the defense of Belgium. He was tremendously ashamed that Philippe shirked that duty, but also got mixed up in criminal business after the Nazi occupation.

Edouard and Phillipe had not spoken to each other in almost 3 years when Edouard died. Philippe did not attend his fathers funeral, although he says it was for fear of being arrested if he showed his face publicly.

Edouard Leger

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